Comprehensive training on WMSD risk factors and exposures identified within the employee group, signs and symptoms associated with RMIs, extremity disorders and methods used to reduce the risks.  Effective interactive employee training workshops on best practice, leading fitness drills and understanding body mechanics to reduce WMSDs identified on the job site.


Athletic drills instill a pattern of movement aimed at improving the athlete’s performance.  IAP create three minute training drills for our Industrial Athlete on body mechanics, stretch, work methods and core strength training specific to each employees’ unique needs. The training library includes fitness training drills specific to the industrial group for example, VDT worker stretch drill, delivery team stretch using the truck as a gym, freight driver stretches, and morning warm-up drill as shown here. All drills lead back to training to reduce injury.


IAP dives in deep with a stretch and flexibility program, and a core training program designed to protect the working muscles. A total body warm-up in the morning, followed by three-minute stretch intervals throughout the workday lessens the probability of WMSD injuries. Stretching muscle-tendon groups results in greater range of motion passively and will be less likely to tear when used actively.


The Industrial Athlete job involves working in all sorts of weather, in confined, congested, uneven work environments lifting, bending, stooping, while lifting and lowering heavy materials/objects, all day, five to six days a week, over ten to twenty years.

The Principle of Strength, Agility And Stamina at Work in the Industrial Setting

Having a strong core and the awareness of engaging core muscles when lifting, lowering and carrying objects is critical to lessening the likelihood of back pain and potential injury.

You Have a Great Back Safety Training Program You Say?

IAP takes it to a new level. Incorporating specific body mechanics, work habit adjustments, with physical assessment protocols we get to the core of the issue for everyone.  IAP uses a wide range of tools to workout the industrial athlete core muscle groups. In addition to the gym tools we use many methods to achieve the goal.

IAP trains and coaches the worker in using their own body weight in training the core.


For the Industrial Athlete ongoing musculoskeletal health and fitness is key to continued health on the job. Workers visit the IAP on their off hours for individualized, personalized protocols designed for them specifically for the work to be performed with consideration of their level of fitness. IAP staffs each center to meet the demand so that employees get the attention they deserve.  The success of the program builds as each visit to the trainer instills daily patterns that become part of the industrial athlete’s pre and post workday.

The Sports Athlete Visits the Athletic Training Room (ATR) Pre and Post-Game. The Industrial Athlete Uses The ATR the Same Way!


While WMSDs, and RMI are dramatically eliminated, for workers who have had acute injuries, surgeries, and have been off work their first stop on their RTW is the ATR.

The RTW program ready to implement the day the worker comes back to the job, that ensures your industrial athlete gets the rest of the body back in shape for the work ahead.

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