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“I would like to take this opportunity to recommend an outstanding injury prevention consultant, Zoe Robinette. Zoe was retained by PCI in 2017, and the changes she implemented targeted our risk exposures and our risk management processes resulting in millions of dollars in workers’ compensation cost containment.

We thought escalating workers’ compensation injuries and associated costs were just part of doing business. We know better now. We have successfully integrated employee health and safety into business operations and we now control the narrative. Robinette is a true business partner and consummate professional who brought us the winning game plan. The PCI team stayed the course and executed the plan to create a sustainable solution over the past five years. We consistently celebrate our wins in our injury trends and resulting cost reductions year over year.

With her knowledge and expertise gained from many years analyzing injury trends, Robinette coached our team about management buy-in, best practices, organizational changes, and innovative methods to eliminate the targeted risks. She was able to lead us to world-class results in less than two years, earning the respect of our entire team. It is not an easy task to get a decentralized workforce on the same page, but Zoe was able to accomplish this through her positive drive and her inherent desire to win.

I recommend Zoe Robinette without reservation.”

David Mueller, President at Parking Concept Inc


At UPS we tried various processes over the years to reduce our WMSDs, DART and associated workers’ compensation costs. Studio A proved to be the definitive answer to the problem…I highly recommend Studio A (IAP) which outperformed any other process we had tried, saving us millions of dollars.”

Nick Kochek, UPS COO


“Robinette’s Model Program package is one tool that ties Safety, Ergonomics and Workers’ Compensation issues together in an effective manner for the organizations and  Safety Committes with whom I consult.’

​Ron Athony, Mercy Business Health Services


Thanks to Robinette’s team my aches and pains are gone. Your knowledge and expertise has been extremely helpful. Keep up the good work.”​

Bob Kahn, Teamster, UPS San Bruno


“Zoe’s Industrial Athlete Program produces great results, through her hands on personal oversight and expertise, brings value to the workplace second to none.”

Brian Davis, HR Manager, UPS


We are still distributing the fitness training materials created for us by Robinette in 2008, the expertise and creativity invaluable.”

​Linda Dielman, Programming/Outreach Manager, PBS affiliate 


I have had the privilege of working with Zoe on various projects over the years. Ms Robinette produces stellar programs with outstanding results. She is a trusted associate whose expertise was invaluable.

John Foster, MD


“Zœ Robinette’s industrial medicine program provided seamless service to our group of 450 associates in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. The operational aspects of the model far exceeded any other outside vendor program we had in place. Over the years, I have invited Zoe and her company to consult with me on my many industrial health initiatives because I can count on the highest degree of professional service.”

Vincent Catanolatti, PA, Risk Management Assessment Director


Zoe’s commitment and dedication to excellence in health carehave been exemplary. She has a firm grasp on the mechanism ofinjury and utilizing physician network to expedite care for aninjured worker. She works with each employee to prevent future injuries and promote healthy living.

Darshan (Dan) Patel, MD


“Zoe set up our Workers’ Compensation program in 1990 and we have relied on her expertise in injury prevention and workers’ compensation cost containment ever since. Her team did a great job with our Teamsters fitness training program.”

W. Shugart, HR Director, Fabiano Brothers, Mt. Pleasant MI


” Robinette did  a great job setting up our ergonomic assessments and employee training materials. It served us well and established a baseline for us to use moving forward in our safety programs.”

T. Patterson, Safety Manager, Everett Products TEXTRON

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