Industrial Athlete Pros tackle the  problem of work related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) and their associated costs and everyone wins, employees, management and the corporate office.


IAP has dominated the onsite industrial athlete sector with second to none results year over year, for over 20 years. Delivering a proprietary and proven method of injury prevention and management for organizations of all sizes IAP is ready to help you change the score in work related injuries. We have the best game plan in the business.



​When The Job​ Requires Strength, Agility and Stamina There Are Industrial Athletes At Work.

Your Industrial Athletes work five or six days a week, eight to ten hour shifts, in varying environmental conditions, for many years. That is dedication to the job. Your career Industrial Athletes develop muscular imbalances, or neuromuscular issues that often go unnoticed until the imbalance progresses into a WMSD or repetitive motion injury (RMI). Injuries like these do not have to happen.  They are preventable. We are your injury prevention experts.

Injuries of This Nature Do Not Have to Happen!
With IAP On-Site They Won’t!

The innovator in onsite injury prevention and cost containment, Industrial Athlete Pros reduces and eliminates WMSDs and RMIs at the workplace regardless of the amount of years the corporate problem as existed. We have a proven track record in injury prevention and cost-containment services. WMSDs and RMIs do not have to happen!  With IAP on-site they won’t!

In the Numbers

Employees Served
The cost-containment varies by the size of the organization

Industrial Athlete FAQ

What does Industrial Athlete Pros do?

We offer an onsite professional sports medicine approach to fitness, conditioning, injury prevention, and cost containment services.

Do you work with our employees?

We coach your team through a seamless integration within a network of facilities. IAP won’t break your bank delivering your corporate industrial athlete program, which is another plus in working with our company!

How do we get your employees ready for the job?

Through hands-on physical training, ergonomics, body mechanics, three-minute drills, physical education clinics, all uniquely developed with the specificity required to positively affect the industrial athlete’s performance. Delivered by a professional team of highly trained sports medicine professionals who knows your worksite, the job demands, and corporate work ethic. The IAP approach truly makes a difference. We have the best game plan in the business.

Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomics, body mechanics and work habits assessments establishes the company’s employee health and fitness baseline. IAP uses that baseline to correct, and improve upon fitness levels to reduce potential injuries.

Job Demands Assessments

Quantifies, evaluates physical and environmental components of job tasks and necessary functions.

Pre-Hire Physical Agility Screen℠

Evaluates the applicants ability to safely perform necessary job tasks and functions. Ask about the IAP Physical Agility Screen System (PASS).℠

Post-Offer Sports Medicine Assessments

Evaluates the whole athlete physical fitness levels. Creates a plan to maintain or improve their health and safety on and off the job.

Industrial Athlete Pros Services


Supervisor and Employee Training

Comprehensive training on WMSD risk factors and exposures identified within the employee group, signs and symptoms associated with RMIs, extremity disorders and methods used to reduce the risks.  Effective interactive employee training workshops on best practice, leading fitness drills and understanding body mechanics to reduce WMSDs identified on the job site.

Core Strength Training

The Industrial Athlete job involves working in confined, congested, climate issues and uneven work environments lifting, bending, stooping while carrying, pushing and pulling heavy materials/objects, all day, five to six days a week, over ten to twenty years. The Core strength training is the principle of durability, agility and stamina at work in the industrial setting.

Individual Fitness Training

For the Industrial Athlete ongoing musculoskeletal health and fitness is key to continued health on the job. Workers visit the IAP on their off hours for individualized, personalized protocols designed for them specifically for the work to be performed with consideration of their level of fitness. IAP staffs each center to meet the demand so that employees get the attention they deserve.

Fitness Drills

Training your industrial athletes to use the correct body mechanics in everyday job functions is key to reduced injuries. Industrial Athlete Pros delivers three-minute drills to your team designed to accomplish four things: Warmup the athletes, coach the correct body mechanics, instill a pattern of movement that improves the skillset required, make it a pattern the athlete uses at warmup and on the job.

Stretch and Flex Programs

IAP dives in deep with a stretch and flexibility program, and a core training program designed to protect the working muscles. A total body warm-up in the morning, followed by three-minute stretch intervals throughout the workday lessens the probability of WMSD injuries. Stretching muscle-tendon groups results in greater range of motion passively and will be less likely to tear when used actively.

Return to Work Programs

While WMSDs, and RMI are dramatically eliminated, for workers who have had acute injuries, surgeries, and have been off work their first stop on their RTW is the ATR.

The RTW program ready to implement the day the worker comes back to the job, that ensures your industrial athlete gets the rest of the body back in shape for the work ahead.

IAP Serving: Arizona - California - Colorado - Connecticut - Florida - Georgia - Hawaii - Idaho - Illinois - Indiana- Iowa - Louisiana - Kentucky - Maine - Massachusetts - Michigan - Mississippi - Montana - Nevada - New Jersey - New Mexico -New York - North Dakota - Ohio - Oklahoma - Oregon - Pennsylvania - Puerto Rico - Tennessee - Texas - South Carolina - Washington - West Virginia - Vermont

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