Board Certified Athletic Trainers may apply for work and when we have a position that fits for you we will reach out!  Thank you for your interest in Industrial Athlete Pros.


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Zoe Robinette, MFA
IAP Founder/President
Exercise Physiologist-Certified Ergonomic Specialist

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Adrian Bartoli, MD
IAP Medical Director
Occupational Medicine Provider
Board Certified in Anesthesiology
Board Certified in Pain Management

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Charmaine Clamor, MPT
IAP Physical Therapy Director

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Chase “Hollywood” Claborn, ATC
Newark, CA Head Athletic Trainer
Clinical Intern Coordinator

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Jasmin “Jazz” Gutierrez, ATC
Pomona, CA Head Athletic Trainer
New Hire Trainer

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Matthew “5-0” Bolerjack, ATC
San Diego, CA Head Athletic Trainer
Drill Master

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Theresa Chacon, MA, ATC, CSCS, LAT
Portland, OR.  Head Athletic Trainer

Charisma's Headshot

Charisma Nunez-Rodriguez, MS, LAT, ATC
Norton, MA and Boston, MA. Head Athletic Trainer


Zachary Garbin
Lacey/Seattle WA. Head Athletic Trainer


Trish LoCurto, ATC, LAT
Hicksville, NY. Head Athletic Trainer


 Katrina McCoy, ATC – EMT
Carson, CA Head Athletic Trainer

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Sara Miller, ATC, LAT
Phoenix, AZ.  Head Athletic Trainer

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Susan Brodnax
“Computer Wiz by day, crime sleuth by night.”
IAP Corporate Administration

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Erin Garske, ATC
Athletic Trainer at Large
Injury Intake Coordinator 

Accepting applications for:

  • Licensed and/or Board Certified Athletic Trainers Part-time and Full-time

Send resume and below application:

Apply Here

Download application and send with resume:


IAP Serving: Arizona - California - Colorado - Connecticut - Georgia - Hawaii - Idaho - Illinois - Indiana- Louisiana - Maine - Massachusetts - Mississippi - Montana - Nevada - New Jersey - New Mexico -New York - North Dakota - Ohio - Oregon - Pennsylvania - Puerto Rico - Texas - Washington - West Virginia - Vermont

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