Board Certified Athletic Trainers may apply for work and when we have a position that fits for you we will reach out!  Thank you for your interest in Industrial Athlete Pros.



Jared Ferreira, LAT, ATC, CSCS
Norton and Boston, MA. Head Athletic Trainer
Mid-Atlantic Region

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Jasmin “Jazz” Gutierrez, ATC
Pomona, CA Head Athletic Trainer
New Hire Trainer
West Region

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Sara Miller, LAT, ATC
Phoenix, AZ.  Head Athletic Trainer
SW Region

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Darren Barnes, LAT, DAT, ATC
Baton Rouge, LA Head Athletic Trainer
SE Region


Trish LoCurto, LAT, ATC
Hicksville Head Athletic Trainer
NE Region

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Zoe Robinette, MFA
IAP Founder/President
Exercise Physiologist-Certified Ergonomic Specialist

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Susan Brodnax
“Computer Wiz by day, crime sleuth by night.”
IAP Corporate Administration

Accepting applications for:

  • Licensed and/or Board Certified Athletic Trainers Part-time and Full-time

Send resume and below application:

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Download application and send with resume:


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