IAP Injury Management 360◦

Having IAP onsite reduces and eliminates injuries for every client we serve Yet, when an accident occurs requiring medical attention IAP is ready to assess, administer treatment and get the industrial athlete on the right course of action. IAP knows your team, company work ethic, and job demands. IAP also knows injury prevention, intervention, treatment and rehabilitation.  Our sports medicine pros deliver a full 360◦ onsite program.

IAP has the Winning Game Plan

When one of your industrial athletes is injured, and physical rehabilitation is necessary, IAP is right there ready to evaluate the situation and deliver sports medicine services to get your industrial athlete on the road.

Our team of sports medicine professionals and certified athletic trainers as first responders for your injured workers, to sports medicine physical rehabilitation services, IAP delivers and closes the gap in care.  The IAP coaches your industrial athlete to full return to work, and beyond to ideal fitness and conditioning levels.

Industrial Athlete Pros 360◦ Game Plan

IAP Serving: Arizona - California - Colorado - Connecticut - Florida - Georgia - Hawaii - Idaho - Illinois - Indiana- Iowa - Louisiana - Kentucky - Maine - Massachusetts - Michigan - Mississippi - Montana - Nevada - New Jersey - New Mexico -New York - North Dakota - Ohio - Oklahoma - Oregon - Pennsylvania - Puerto Rico - Tennessee - Texas - South Carolina - Washington - West Virginia - Vermont

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