Company to Help Clients Save Millions on Workplace Injuries Through Innovative Risk-Reduction Strategy

Industrial Athlete Pros, President Presents Injury Prevention and Cost Containment Strategy for Safety and Health Professionals and Global Leaders

IAP founder Zoe Robinette firmly believes that sharing the process on the global stage with others in the employee health and safety field is perfectly aligned with the company’s mission to aggressively attract companies who are unable to control the escalating costs of work-related injuries. “For corporate leaders engaging outside risk consultants can be a confusing and overwhelming task. Many business owners and thought leaders don’t know how or where to begin. They are accustomed to the standard methods employed in most companies across the country,” stated Robinette. “The IAP approach is not about a modest reduction in costs. Leveraging innovative and proven methods, creating a follow the leader vs. follow the follower platform for change, is a game-changer and creates an immediate impact on any organization that deploys it,” she continued.

Robinette has worked with corporate executives from some of the largest brands in the world. She said, “I could not be more excited about tackling the toughest challenges that have hampered organizations for decades. Industrial moguls with mastery in their industrial sectors are proven winners. We share a common focus: the passion for winning. Organizations do not have to spend millions on injuries year over year. They chalk it up to the cost of doing business, essentially letting injuries beat them. IAP turns that notion on its head and delivers winning solutions with dramatic bottom-line results!” Read more…

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